MIPIM 2020 – ideal printings

February, 19 2020 |

MIPIM will take place from March 10th to 13th 2020 at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes. This event has brought together real estate professionals since 1990. This year more than 26,000 participants are expected from 100 different countries. However, how do you stand out in a very competitive real estate market? Discover the ideal printing products for real estate professionals.



For real estate professionals it is necessary to have effective communication. This is why small and large format printing are effective communication vectors.

  • Business card: this is the essential media for a successful prospecting. Indeed, it allows you to transmit important information during an appointment or a contact. It is the essential communication media for real estate professionals, it helps develop company awareness.In addition, you can add gilding or varnish to your business card, it will bring a sensory and prestigious dimension.


  • Brochures: This form will allow you to promote your real estate company during a fair or a prospecting. The brochure will give more details to your prospect. You can therefore mention the history of your company as well as your goods for sale, to rent, your expertise … This communication method helps to reassure the prospect while informing him about your products and services. A4, A5 and A6 formats are very popular for this type of support.


  • Flyers / leaflets: This media complements the sales brochure. The leaflet allows your real estate agency to inform about new goods for sale / rental, advice … You can also use it to inform your customers of the administrative and compulsory procedures for the rental or purchase of a property immovable. In order to give a shine of originality to your support, you can use different shapes.


  • Folders: Are an essential support. Indeed, real estate professionals may be required to give numerous documents to clients. These administrative folders allow you to store important files such as: sales orders, quotes, reports … In addition, they once again recall the image and identity of your real estate company. There are several formats, however the most popular format is A4 with two panes. Thanks to its two flaps it can hold A4 size documents. In addition, you can add two notches to insert your business card inside.


Competition at real estate shows is all the more important. Here are some additional impressions to differentiate yourself:

  • Banners and panels: Banners are very advantageous elements because it offers great visibility to your stand. Thanks to this support, your stand can be visible from several meters. The panels meanwhile highlight certain information from your real estate agency.


  • Posters: Posters allow you to highlight your real estate for sale or rental. They will highlight your work and thus attract the attention of potential customers.


  • Beach Flag or Roll up: This communication media makes it possible to promote the products and services of real estate professionals. It is an urban means of communication that is easy to assemble and transport. It makes it possible to arouse the curiosity of passers-by and facilitates contact with your prospects.


  • Covering: This technique consists of partially or completely filling the bodywork of your vehicules with an adhesive film. Thanks to this means of communication, you will not go unnoticed. Indeed, the vehicle covering makes it possible to highlight your logo, slogan, image of your brand in front. You will therefore have a personalized vehicle in the colors of your company.

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