May, 25 2018 |

As we go into our 118th year, I thought that it is time to share the family history on the Groupe Riccobono.

I hope that you find the history as interesting as I, it shows the dedication of the team here at Riccobono.



Can you please tell us the history of the Group

How did everything begin and what were the major evolutions?


JR: “My Great Grandfather Adrien bought a small print shop in the year 1900 in the town of Draguignan, he was the first to modernize and expand the business, my Grandfather Felix and my father Maurice continued to expand and bring in new modern machines of the time. In 1971 we created the 1st site in Le Muy, here we have our ROTATIVE machines and also the BINDING department and the 2nd site in 2001 which is the site containing OFFSET

Our company L’Agence LARGE DIGITAL print began in the year 2000.

It’s amusing to be able to say that the family Riccobono were the original “geeks” in the 1900’s, in 1930 we were the first to use electric powered motors!!”

“We have 5 generations of knowledge and experience behind us, which gives our company an exceptional advantage when dealing with clients and suppliers”


In a few words can you define the Groupe Riccobono ?

“The Groupe has always respected and leaned towards new technology

Our main objective is to provide an exceptional client service and to respect delivery times.

Our machines are updated   throughout the plant on a regular basis to keep up with the times, and to keep the costs down for our clients, we aim to be leaders in every aspect of print”


What are your wishes for the next 118 years?

In the decades to come, I would like my two sons Stephane and Jean Damien to make the good choices using new technologies and strategies available throughout the world.

Also that they form a team together as I did with my father and brother


“You represent the 4th generation, what are your favourite memories?”

– The brilliant adventure of daily magazines printed here in Provence in the 4 centers from 1976 (Le Muy,Lyon,Nantes, Toulouse)

– The arrival of my 2 sons in the family group

– The arrival of L’Agence in Le Muy for the large digital prints

– The development of the International service introduced in 2005

– Arrival of the new machines in 2016-2018


What have you in mind for the development of your company?

(Quality, environment, ethics, human development)


“For over 20 years we have focused on the quality and continue to do so, these methods have meant that we obtained the labels

IMPRIM VERT – PEFC – ISO 9001 – 14001 – FSC

“The most important factor of our company are the men and women who work here, they are the reason that the company exists and develops, without them we would not be where we are today, professionals with a passion for the future of our company.

Within our company we have members of our staff who have been here as long as I have and longer than my sons 🙂 ”

“I believe that this is one of our greatest achievements, the reliability and loyalty  of our 200 staff members who work side by side with us to enhance and

develop the company ”



Jacques Riccobono was interviewed by Angela Huet from the International team