Full Covering
  • Vinyle polymere.
  • 4×4 color impression
  • Flocking by our team

Angie and Suzy’s tips: Avertise your company and your products on the croisette in Cannes or in Monaco during the markets.



Decorate your car or any metal surface with a rectangular or shaped magnet. Very easy to put up and take down.

Adhesive Stickers
  • Vinyle.
  • Sizes for every needs.
  • 4×4 color impression.

You can decorate partially a car or a stand.

And Even More
How does it works?

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Simply e-mail your PDF documents to a personal FTP address which we will supply. Or if necessary, we will provide special software. The documents will be printed in Cannes and delivered directly to your stand or hotel. Quotes provided with no obligation of purchase.

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