Branded Cups

A coffee or tea time is always appreciated. Share a pleasant moment with visitors with your company name on a cup suitable for cold and hot drinks!

Branded Napkins

You plan to offer a snack to visitors ? Personalize this essential item with your company name.

Branded Water Bottles

Personalise a 330ml water bottle with your logo, or a marketing message on the sleeve.

Branded Sweets Mints Chocolates

In a tin box or in sachets. Mint or fruit candies…

Leave a sweet memory !

Branded USB Keys

Visitors will leave with all the important informations in their pocket. Different designs and memory size available.

And Even More
How does it works?

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We make it easy…

Simply e-mail your PDF documents to a personal FTP address which we will supply. Or if necessary, we will provide special software. The documents will be printed in Cannes and delivered directly to your stand or hotel. Quotes provided with no obligation of purchase.

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