January, 9 2018 |

This is a great time of year for communication and keeping in touch with our clients as it’s a little calmer here in Cannes. Our subject for our web site today concerns deliveries, now as you all know we deliver directly to your stands in the Palais Des Festivals, and this is what we generally try to do using the following procedure…


Two days before the markets open we will begin the deliveries, we will deliver to the Riviera first and following this the P-1 Area, The Lerins will then follow and consequently the Hotels in Cannes.


This is so great when written down in a nice cosy office !!!!!


However … As you all know these things never work out in practice, once down in Cannes with the lorries ! Extra security is in place, which of course is for all of our benefits and therefore we have no worries about this at Riccobono, quite the opposite we are relieved to know that we are all protected from any outside  dangers.


Our objective is to make sure that your products are delivered in time for the opening of the markets, there are few indications needed for this to happen


  • Please indicate your full stand number and Country when placing an order
  • Your contact in Cannes with your / their mobile phone number
  • A basic time when the delivery should be made
  • Please do not give specific times, we will not guarantee this, we will say before noon, or in the afternoon before 18h
  • If you are in an appartement, please supply the full adresse including the post code as we will be using the SAT NAV to find you
  • If you are in an Hotel please let us have your room number, if you wish the products to be left at the concierge, this must be requested at the time of the order
  • If you wish us to deliver directly to your stand builder, please supply us with the correct contact information