Dressing your stand

September, 19 2017 |

The best way to stick out during a market is to have a stand that will say stop right there !!!

Come and check out what we have to offer you.

With our printing services we can make your stand look that way.


We can print on materials that will cover up your naked sodem walls and give the best visuals possible.

We also offer installation services  so you would have nothing to worry about.


All you need to think about is:

1 . your budget

2 . your designs

3 . what material you wish to use ( pvc foam or a full cover in tissue material )


and our international bilingual team will deal with the rest.


We have many possibilities available for the cover up

  • the pvc panels will stick straight onto the panels and are easy to take off without damaging the sodems.


  • the tissue material is to have all one partition of the panels covered all in one go with no metal bars showing which allows your clients to have just the visuals of your graphics without anything else showing


We have for many years now printed for companies that are from all over the world USA, Australia , Singapour , Chilie, Russia, Canada and many more so we have the capacity to adapt to your kind of needs.


We can save you the hassle of dealing with shipments – delays – customs by printing directly in Cannes and having everything ready for your arrival so you relax and concentrate on why you came to Cannes – making business happen in the best way possible.


The aim for us is to make you be the talk of the Palais des  Festivals in Cannes during the various markets going on every year.


Please feel free to contact us for any further details our team will be more than happy to discuss ideas